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hallucinations and dreams demo, friday evening recreation

it’s friday evening, so, demo time, after, there is life !                

my protracker modules

All my music here : Protracker modules “crying chips” release date 2017/01/06 CC Attribution Licence. You can use this song, but you must contact me and put my name in the credits. “winds are not enough” release date 2016/12/29 christmas gift and happy new year 2017 for all !

migrating your amiga OS 3.9 from FFS to SFS on your A1200


Why ? FFS is “Fast File System” SFS is “Smart File System” With FFS : I’ve been more than once in front of the problem of partition validating for ages in cause of a crash when some writing was going. This is not so annoying when it is a FD that is 880Kb big, but…

Amicloud howto, review and links – when the cloud comes to AROS and amiga OS3.9 classic (and all others : windows/linux/mac/morphos/aos4…)

What is Amicloud, and why use it ? Hi, today an article on Amicloud. Amicloud is like dropbox, google drive, owncloud… is it a “cloud” solution. Many people say that “there is no cloud, but only another people’s computer”. They are half right. There is not only a server, but also a client software which…

demo time on my A1200

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_075556.jpg

If there is something i have loved from the first second, and still LOOOOOVE to do, is watching demos. So let’s have some Groove, WHDLoaded OFCOZ ! : So now, a trip with Mikael Balle and Jesper Kyd :    

my amiga corner

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074642.jpg

Welcome to my wonderfull Amiga Corner. So, let’s have a look : More photos on my icaros there : my icaros box More photos on my emulated A4000 + tuto there : my emulated amiga 4000 More photos of my A1200 there : my a1200 Some Goodies : my last D7 of my demo swapping period my…

some photos of my amiga 1200 after being recapped (+ some goodies) by Amedia Computer

Thanx to Amedia Computer (Franck) who did this wonderfull work. Hardware photos : Time for reconstruction : Some screen photos :

smb share on linux with amiga 1200 and easynet pcmcia eth

I’ve made an article about this for IcAROS, so, now, one is needed for Amiga 1200 classic. The best way to surf the network, download programs, … today with an amiga 1200 classic is its original case, is buying an easynet pcmcia card : For me network is better than sharing usb keys,…

access amiga FFS Hard Drive (or CF) under ubuntu

Today a simple trick. It is sometimes needed for us, amigans, to access the internal hard drive (or compact flash) that fits normaly inside our beloved Amiga 1200. Many articles around the internet speak about accessing it from Win-UAE under Windows, but I did not find many of them speaking about accessing it under Ubuntu….

making your HxC slim floppy emulator work with your Amiga 1200 ESCOM

The problem : When I received my HxC slim floppy drive emulator, I was very excited. My original floppy drive was 15 years old, and was not working properly, making a lot of noise, and killed 2 of my floppies. When I plug it into my amiga and switch it on, nothing seems to work…

TOSEC Project    

Installing Amiga OS from Amiga Forever CD

1) Prerequisites : Install an ubuntu 12.04LTS server 64bits (follow this article). Install E-UAE sdl 32bits (follow this article). An amiga OS source for the system files. Here I’ll do everything from the Amiga Forever 2010 DVD. 2) Copy the content of the DVD :…

some photos of my Flash disk as HD Drive & HxC Slim FD Drive emulator

Hi folks, This time just some photos, that could help you to get your Flash Disk and your HxC drive emulator work in your A1200. -First attempt : i’ve connected the Flash drive in the wrong orientation -> don’t work ! 🙂 -Second attempt : after returning the flash drive cable, it worked perfectly. So,…

the amiga demo scene

The Scene : Historically, the scene was born with the C64 computer. It was a group of peoples, all around the globe, who were much more interested in exploring the capacities of their machines (and at the same times theirs !) than simply playing games. They wanted to know/show how much pixels could be written…

the Amiga OS Workbench

Generalities : Every modern OS comes with a human understandable interface called a “Graphical User Interface”. The first idea of a GUI comes from the 60s and the reflexion about HMI (Human-Machine Interface). You use a GUI everyday, so maybe you don’t even think about it, but, if you think about the beginnings, the first…

what is the “Amiga” computer range ?

Amiga was a computer family which had its glory time in 1990’s. The name of the first designed amiga-machine was “Amiga 1000” or “A1000”. It included a 256Kb memory, 1 3,5″ disk drive, a desktop tower, a mouse and a keyboard. It could be linked to your tv screen. The “kickstart” (the main system software…