What a fantastic work from Paolo and AROS community. Now, the icaros desktop environement is available for everyone who likes to use it in hosted mode WITH the hostbridge option to allow host programs to be launched from inside icaros !

This is a FAAAST tuto for ubuntu 17.04 64 bits users : some 32 bits libraries and packages are missing by default.

Get icaros

Download Light version

download the light version :

follow the manual : unzip the iso and mount it

mount -o loop -t iso9660 ~Téléchargements/Light/icaros-pc-i386.iso /mnt
mounting icaros light iso in /mnt

prepare the environement

Icaros hosted needs 32 bits libs. As many, i’m under ubuntu 17.04 64 bits. No problem : install 32 bits libraries and some other libraries. So, if in the icaros launch step you get an error like :

“./AROSBootstrap : No such file or directory”

(en français “./AROSBoostrap Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type”)

we must install 32bits libs :

sudo apt-get install lib32ncurses5 lib32z1

32 bits libraries installing smoothly and gently

if you get those errors when launching ./icaros : “failed to open “” error, “failed to open”, and/or ALSA error with libasound   :

like this error on


Know the name of your network interface

you will need to know the name of your network interface, just type “ifconfig” and write down the name. For me it is “enp0s3”.

output of “ifconfig” command, where we can read the interface name, here it is enp0s3

configure AROS

cd /mnt

sh hosted-install
launching icaros install script
this is what you get

choose 2 : configure linux network

when settings network environement, icaros install some packages like uml-utilities to allow routing

follow the instructions. When asked for the name of the network interface, type the name of the interface you got the step before.

choose 3 : Install Icaros

icaros files are being copied

I think you should give only 1Gb to AROS, as it is quite enough for it to run smoothly. You will be able to change this in the future.

First launch

cd ~/IcarosDesktop
change of directory and launch icaros command

normally, everything has been done to make icaros run smoothly.

you should answer yes, seems better to have a network under icaros

on the first start, configure icaros and unzip extras

as you always do : configure icaros on first start
when it comes to X11 configuration, i would prefer to just “save”, don’t modify anything, cause it hangs if you do

   You are now under icaros desktop. tadaaa

wonderfull 🙂

Exit icaros

I’ve found only one way :

sudo killall AROSBootstrap

This answer of ncafferkey tells me that the shutdown command in icaros makes the job, it’s smarter :

External informations/planning


10 thoughts on “Icaros desktop 2.2 linux hosted version with hostbridge working on Ubuntu 17.04 64bits

  • Tom

    Ugh! What a waste of time. It just errors out all over the place when trying to unzip… seems to be no disk space for it.

    P.S. I want to kill your captcha thing!!!

    • James

      Interesting… I tried installs from ISOs of 2.1 and 2.2.1 twice with each and all times produced a loop of millions of errors when trying to unpack to 3 or 4Gb partitions. AROS doesnt need that much space does it? I wonder if the installer is broken.

      PS: I took f**king hate your captcha… If you ask in words the answer should be in words… And timeout too short also!

  • UserPower

    I’m having what seems to be a similar issue as posted by tony above – except that the error is 00000002 (not 00000016). Bootstrap fails to allocate ram, no matter what amount I enter during install, with “no such file or directory” message. I have plenty of memory available in the machine to be throwing the full 4096 at it. I’m running icaros hosted on Windows 7 and the system reports around 10GB (out of 14GB total) unused.

    I wonder if this is connected somehow with the issue posted by tony above?

    Any assistance appreciated.

    • Hello UserPower,
      It sounds like this has to do with a 32bits/64bits issue, but i’m no help for Windows systems as I don’t have any @ home.
      You should ask your question on
      All are great ppl and will kindly help you as much as they can.
      Best regards.

  • 4096? Full 4Gb of RAM might be too much for a 32bit environment like Icaros Desktop. 1024 or 2048 will be fine for any kind of operation.

    To exit icaros from Magellan, just right click on desktop –> Icaros –> Shutdown (hosted).

  • tony

    The same problem i have in windows also in ubuntu : [Bootstrap] Failed to allocate 4096MB of RAM for AROS: 00000016 Ongeldig argument

    any solution

    grz Tony (belgium)

    • Hi tony,
      Is this on the same physical machine ? Sounds you do not have enough RAM left on your machine to make AROSBoostrap run. You should rerun the install script and give only 1Gb, it is enough for AROS to run.
      Can you tell me if it fixes your problem ?

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