troubleshooting icaros desktop SMB (samba – windows shares) crash “exec housekeeper”

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The problem :

After a fresh installation of icaros 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2 or 2.1.3 and even icaros 2.2 (until 2.2.4), you try to mount a SMB (samba) share mount parameters on your ahci/sata/ata drive, and you get a crash.

[Note : it can also come from the fact it is a guest only samba share : you must try to configure an AROS samba share with username/password], please have a look to this article.

Here is what you get :

Exec housekeeper program failed recoverable error


the hard drive icons disapear, an icon dos.library comes insteadnomoredrivesyou get this kind of request : please insert volume “SYS” or “DEV” or anything else


The solution :

You must get the L:smb-handler from icaros 2.0.1.

You can’t get it directly on the iso or the dvd.

It’s not a perfect work around as it is not possible to just “use” the smb share. You must “save” your configuration in order to get icaros to connect to your server.

More ?

Here is an article on configuring ubuntu samba share between icaros and ubuntu :

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