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  • until now : working on musical projects. Discover all my musical projects on my electro pop rock website – click here.
  • I am realising an electronical symphony based on music modules that you can listen and download – click here
  • still editing technical articles on aros and amiga
  • 2012 – March 2017 : betatester for icaros desktop. Testing and promoting the icaros platform, which is the *best Amiga NG* available
  • 09/2013 – begining of 2014 : releasing technical articles on amiga and aros
  • 1992 – 1995 : Demomaking (swapping and musician) in I.D.K., Investation, TRSi, Heretia, Illusion, Iris fr… : multimedia creation on Amiga platform. I was known as “UFO” at this time, and created a demo pack called “from mars“.


Abonnez vous ça m’encouragera!

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my public email @ :

you can send me an email to

oan3mous *arobase* hotmail.com

You also can leave answers all over the articles using the form (like the one below).

Some references

(some people who speak about me, or credit me)

On exotica.org : http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/author.php?id=25816

I’m listed in the credits there : http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=10608

and here : http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=10608

Credited here, as swapper, packmaker and ANSI artist (at the time in HERETIA, Iris and Illusion) : ftp://ftp.scene.org/mirrors/amigascne/Scrollers/T-Groupstext/TRSI/TRSI-It43-mag-news.txt

My page on AMP (Amiga Music Preservation) : http://amp.dascene.net/detail.php?view=16183&detail=photos

on the web

my amigamap profile

my presentation on AROS-EXEC

my profile on amiga-ng

my profile on amigaimpact

On annuaire amiga


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