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OWB problem with the SSL CA cert on IcAROS desktop

Hits: 195What versions ? This article is about those software versions : – Odyssey Web Browser (OWB) v 1.16.2 – IcAROS 1.5.2-2 Your question can be : I have problem surfing in https with OWB. It says that he has a problem with the SSL CA certificate. This can be an error 60 : Unable…
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share over the network between IcAROS desktop and Ubuntu

Hits: 292Introduction :   Sharing files over the network is something like an obligation nowadays. I personnally don’t like Windows, so I won’t speak about this side. I prefer the dark side : linux, especially ubuntu (here 12.04LTS). Anyway, samba is samba, so it should work with every linux distrib. As we speak about computering…
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my IcAROS desktop /boot/grub/grub.cfg file (only icaros before 1.5.2)

Hits: 140I gives this to you to explain how you can play with graphical modes (cf this post) and switch between VESA and NATIVE modes under IcAROS. The first menu entry is begining at the line menuentry “Icaros Desktop”. The first entry in the list is the one that will be used by default. There…
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icaros desktop – playing with graphical modes inside IcAROS (VESA/native nouveau.hidd)

Hits: 136 VESA : VESA is perfect for compatibility with ALL the gfx cards. For more informations about VESA : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA But it is slow, and Warp 3D is badly supported. Also, you can have problems changing graphical modes (need to restart the comp’), or even finding a mode that fits your needs and your…
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