my emulated amiga 4000

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my awesome X500+ box running an itX mainboard with i5, 4Gb RAM, and a 128GB SSD drive

Handmade emulated amiga 4000

  • 68040 8Mb Chip 1Gb FAST + JIT
  • hosted in a wonderfull X500 plus Case
  • ssd 128Gb, celeron G1620 2,7GHz, 8Gb RAM
  • autostarting from scratch on ubuntu server 16.04 in 20s (faster than my real A1200!)
  • fs-uae
  • Amiga OS 3.9 BB4
inside the X500+ case with the GFX Card

The video

In this video you can watch the power on and power off sequences, with amiga boucing ball everywhere, and firing fast !

my DIY emulated A4000 boots fast !
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

The tutorials you need

All you need to make your own DIY emulated A4000 is there :

how to make your DIY emulated A4000 that boots like a real one – click here !

how to change the ubuntu boot logo by the boing ball

The Gallery

Other solutions for simple emulation

  • Amikit 8 with Wine/WinUAE. I tried this years ago, it was the best emulation time I got, hope it is still with lovely last WinUAE versions. Now, FS-UAE is a better choice… I can confirm this.
  • Happiga on a raspberry pi (a french initiative to be used with the best low cost computer, what more do you need ?)

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