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Official Websites for Amiga Softwares

Amiga OS official wiki : AmigaOS : Hyperion Entertainment : Amiga OS : Roadshow TCP/IP stack : MCP : picasso 96 : JACK multi purpose software : amiga mosaic image tool : DOpus 5 official : netsurf : Amicloud : the cloud home page : & the support forum :

Facebook Pages and groups

AROS : Paradox demogroup : Phase5 : AROS Workshop : Icaros desktop : AROS group : Generation amiga : Génération amiga french store : Commodore amiga group : Commodore Amiga – Buy Sell Trade : Apollo team (accelerators) : Amiga User International : AmigaMart : Desire and friends : Amiga pour toujours :

hardware manufacturers and shops

amediavoxelamigashop : vesalia : Phase5 : Alinea computer : ZamigaStore : amedia french computer store : aeon : acube : english store : amikit : Amigashop : Apollo accelerators :

Projects and kickstarters

cases and keycaps X500 amiga like mini-atx box : The X500 Plus computer case 101 jeux amiga, le livre (french) : amigafilm :


Amigafuture home page : enigma deutch magazine : Micromart : AmigaMad : Obligement online amigazine :


blogsamiga chez alice : Lallafa : o1i’s aros blog : Bszili’s aros blog (a lot of aros programs ports) : Aros Vision distrib : amiga chez alice : Jim Neray : The Zen of amiga : amiga hardware blog : andreas blazer : trevor’s amiga blog : Amiga68k deutch blog : amigaguru games blog : World of Menchi (music and amiga) : and there (plenty mp3) : Rob the nerd, well know amiga hardware hacker and software writer : Epsilon’s blog on X1000 HstWB Installer for Classic Amiga Cosmos’ blog : his machines configurations, full of informations about Warp3D on classic, and downloads : Links page of his 2nd blog : Christophe Kohler’s Amiga demomaking history and tips :


warmup morphos forum : morphos review : forum : Morphos official :

News and Forums

Amiga France – Ouverture officielle : generation amiga : multiplatform amiga forum : french amiga forum : amiga famous forum : amiga news network (no update since 2014) : french amiga NG forum : Amigans forum : amiga lore forum : amiga OS4 dev group : english amiga board AEB : amiga deutch forum : amigaworld forum : amiga italian news : exotica forum : ultimate amiga france :

Amiga Musicdigibooster3text

chipmusic blog : med soundtudio music page : SCM web music playser : digibooster official page : amiga music remix page : incredible queen bohemian rapsody remix (with d7 drives!) : amiga music preservation home : Pex Mahoney Tufvesson download page (noisetracker) : podcasts demoscene webradio games & demos music

Modules & Samples (iff and mods)


Let’s imagine you come in Amiga world again after years… like me at the begining. Let’s imagine you have a splendid A1200 who waits for cool programs to be loaded. Let’s imagine you like demos and music, like me. aminet_sketch_64aminet : download programs : amiga classic BB3&BB4 : back to roots : download morphos softwares : OS4 depot : ClassicWB distribution : AmigaSYS distribution : Amiga PD disks : minimig sources codes : WHDLoad home : amiga games archives :

WHDLoad for loading games and demos inside Amiga OS (whdload related)


tosec project : retro game TV :

Amiga OS

Boing Bags : Unofficial Boing Bags 3&4 : The official Amiga OS 4 website : Amiga OS wiki User manual. Interesting initiative, even if it’s not that complete :

Divz Amiga related

Some TShirts and hats for Amiga lovers, very nice : Lemon Amiga. A well known place for every Amiga lover, news, forums, downloads, reviews… ebay like for amiga : Annuaire AMIGA (french) : Amiga 1000 page on “old computers” : amiga paradise database : The Amiga Museum :


  Amikit is something like a “distribution” of Amiga OS (as we can find for linux). More oriented into emulated amiga, there is also a 16 colors version optimized for real AGA amigas. amikit for 68k : Happiga, the best Raspberry pi emulation distri based on Raspbian : Amiberry, an other distri for rasp : Amiga 500 emulator” is an amiga 500 emulator * in a browser *, works only on google chrome because it uses a special technology.

winuae2_0EMU /FPGA

euae home : E-UAE emulator ubuntu page : uae mailing list archives : WinUAE home : the most famous amiga emulator package : minimig : majsta fpga accelerator home : fpga arcade home : Armiga project : and on facebook :

hard / hacks

this blog is pretty awesome. it presents electronical projects for moding your amiga. i personnally will try the arduino based paralell to ethernet project : amiga hardware database :

hard hacks : how to make atx power supply for A500/a1200
Use a raspberry pi to emulate an amiga floppy disk drive :


CODEF is a bunch of free and open source libraries allowing us to code demos-like effects on websites. Best viewed with chrome, but, it works also with other web browsers, such as firefox or odyssey (no sound).   Home page for the libraries. You can also find examples, tutorials and test canvas : The gallery, where you can find users creations : A good website with a lot of different computers, consoles, games … reviewed. Technical database on obsolete technologies.  

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