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surfing facebook, blogging and watching youtube videos with AROS

OWB is a wonderfull tool : watch videos under Youtube, blogging, loosing time under facebook It is a CSS/HTML5 capable, and stunning fast ! Please, to be able to use OWB confortably, read this article : OWB Odyssey Web Browser tips&tricks You want to browse even faster, copoy OWB to ram : Running OWB from the RAM…

icaros native installation advices, bios and grub parameters

This applies to versions : icaros 1.5.2 icaros 2.0 icaros 2.0.1 icaros 2.1 icaros 2.1.1 icaros 2.1.2 icaros 2.1.3 There is not point using older versions. Links to refer to : http://www.icarosdesktop.com/icarosfiles/IcarosDesktop_manual.pdf https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Aros/User/AmigaLegacy This thread is *important* :  Icaros Desktop 2.0 caveats and work-arounds other docs are listed inside the sections below….