emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – preparing the host – going further – conclusions and limitations

Hits: 8Contents1 Why this tutorial ?2 Prerequisites3 Preparing your host4 You tutorial is available below. It represents a lot of

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Install Amiga OS 3.1 for your real Amiga (1200) using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu / Access your FFS flash card on linux

Hits: 2929This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu. There are many tutorials explaining

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Amicloud howto, review and links – when the cloud comes to AROS, icaros desktop, and amiga OS3.9 classic (and all others : windows/linux/mac/morphos/aos4…)

Hits: 401Contents1 What is Amicloud, and why use it ?2 Purchasing it :3 Preparing the sync drawer on AROS :4

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