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icaros desktop – playing with graphical modes inside IcAROS (VESA/native nouveau.hidd)

Hits: 104 VESA : VESA is perfect for compatibility with ALL the gfx cards. For more informations about VESA : But it is slow, and Warp 3D is badly supported. Also, you can have problems changing graphical modes (need to restart the comp’), or even finding a mode that fits your needs and your…
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my openbox autostart file

Hits: 98For use with the openbox windows manager package (have a look to this article about installing a light ubuntu 12.04LTS). This file should be placed there : ~/.config/openbox/autostart The modified or added lines are Bold/Italic.

TOSEC Project

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Manually installing Amiga OS from Amiga Forever CD

Hits: 161Prerequisites Install an ubuntu 12.04LTS  or 16.04LTS server 64bits (follow this article). Install E-UAE sdl 32bits (follow this article). An amiga OS source for the system files. Here I’ll do everything from the Amiga Forever 2010 DVD. Copy the content of the DVD

Installing E-UAE sdl 32bits on ubuntu 64bits

Hits: 144Contents1 Prerequisites 1.0.1 Why 32bits on 64bits ?2 All the steps2.0.1 Installation of e-uae 2.0.2 Get e-uae sdl 3 The drawers hierarchy 3.0.1 Copy the files needed for emulation4 Some ressources Prerequisites You should have first installed your ubuntu server 64bits in the way written in this article. ia32-utils is fundamental to use e-uae…
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