some photos of my Flash disk as HD Drive & HxC Slim FD Drive emulator

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Hi folks, This time just some photos, that could help you to get your Flash Disk and your HxC drive emulator work in your A1200. -First attempt : i’ve connected the Flash drive in the wrong orientation -> don’t work ! 🙂 -Second attempt : after returning the flash drive cable, it worked perfectly. So, in order for you not to make the same error, there are photos of the installation (very simple, anyway).
This is unpacking time…
A little closer please.
After opening your Amiga (do we still have to care about the warranty ? hahaha). This is the place where is the IDE adapter.
This time this is a little bit further.
Connect the cable, be carrefull, the red should be on the bottom of the ide adapter.
Your Amiga without its beloved but trashy FD Drive.
The HxC Slim connected. Now, we can see that the cable is not long enough.
Will use a PC One and make a nice mount system, because, for the moment, it is very ugly (scotch tape + bubles plastic package)
And that’s how it looks like (PAL high res)
Next update : a nice HxC mount system + explanations on how it works. Bye. Ressources (UPD 2014 01 27) : Here are links to some ressources related to HxC drive emulator : – main web page : – manual (EN) : – zin program to convert ADF to HFE : – AmigaDOS manager (choose the file to load) :   Youtube video of the amiga HxC program & hardware :
Watch this video on YouTube.
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Have a good use.

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