Install Amiga OS 3.1 for your real Amiga (1200) using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu / Access your FFS flash card on linux

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This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu.

There are many tutorials explaining how to install Amiga OS on a real Amiga using WinUAE under windows but none for the linux side of the world.

This is a bit different than on Windows. All the tutos I’ve read are for WinUAE on Windows, so, this is my two cents for the linux side.

Note : this tuto can be simply adapted for your Amiga 500 using the right fs-uae configuration, and downloading the good classic workbench package.

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demo time on my A1200

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If there is something i have loved from the first second, and still LOOOOOVE to do, is watching demos.

So let’s have some Groove, WHDLoaded OFCOZ ! :

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073601.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074238.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073503.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073516.jpg

So now, a trip with Mikael Balle and Jesper Kyd :

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074305.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074229.jpg/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073722.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073727.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073741.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073746.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073832.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073836.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073842.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074042.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074055.jpg/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074112.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074126.jpg    /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074133.jpg /Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074134.jpg

my amiga corner

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Welcome to my wonderfull Amiga Corner. So, let’s have a look :
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074642.jpg
My amiga corner. On the left, we can see my emulated A4000 in its wonderfull X500+ case, my AROS box in the bottom, and my A1200 on the top.
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073034.jpg
My AROS box is an Optiplex 755, can you see the eye of icarus on the power button ?
More photos on my icaros there : my icaros box
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073101.jpg
my emulated A4000 in its wonderfull X500+ micro ATX case
More photos on my emulated A4000 + tuto there : my emulated amiga 4000
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073355.jpg
and my lilttle gem, my diamond : my A1200 NOS got by Petro himself. For the moment, i haven’t integrated the hardware extensions (we can see the USB plugs coming from the RapidRoad USB). I’ll do it when I can and make an article on it.
More photos of my A1200 there : my a1200
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073256.jpg
my amiga corner and my musical desktop seen by the left
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074458.jpg
my KVM switcher so I can have only one keyboard/mouse/screen for my A4000 emulated and my AROS box
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074512.jpg
my Gateway PS/2 keyboard to use with my A1200 + Lirah adapter
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074523.jpg
my lazer USB mouse for use with my A1200 + Joypad RyS MKII
/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_074545.jpg
my wireless keyboard + mouse for use with my AROS box and my emulated A4000

Some Goodies :

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_075554.jpg

my last D7 of my demo swapping period

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_075801.jpg

my two prefered paper magazines