icaros desktop – ZuneView, the modern pictures editing solution for AROS

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Why ?

Because i think that ICAROS has to be known !

because ZuneView is a modern and complete solution.

Main Window :

Zune view main window, picture on the right, file list on the top, drawers tree and meta tools on the left. On the bettom you hae the informations on the picture.
the main window, with the list of pictures of the drawer on the top. so, i want to edit this picture.

Some use and effects :

let’s try an artistic effect like oil painting
result of the artistic “oil painting” effect
the other artistic effects available
the color adjustement window

Settings :

the settings window
the settings window zoomed

Other effects and tools available :

  • crop
  • rotate (all way)
  • flip (all directions)
  • statistical filter
  • convolution
  • adding exif meta datas to the file
  • support for PNG and JPG export

Author: jess

for a long time amiga, aros & demos lover and musician (linux musician, drummer, modules in protracker and octamed, recording and mastering in ardour)

32 thoughts on “icaros desktop – ZuneView, the modern pictures editing solution for AROS

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