icaros desktop – ZuneView, the modern pictures editing solution for AROS

Hits: 360Why ? Because i think that ICAROS has to be known ! because ZuneView is a modern and complete solution. Main Window : Some use and effects : Settings : Other effects and tools available : crop rotate (all… Read More

Amicloud howto, review and links – when the cloud comes to AROS, icaros desktop, and amiga OS3.9 classic (and all others : windows/linux/mac/morphos/aos4…)

Hits: 555What is Amicloud, and why use it ? Hi, today an article on Amicloud. Amicloud is like dropbox, google drive, owncloud… is it a “cloud” solution. Many people say that “there is no cloud, but only another… Read More

icaros desktop – Running OWB from the RAM Disk to improve browsing speed

Hits: 281Speed comparison : I’ve made a little video to show the difference. It’s proved : OWB speed is much better when running from RAM Disk. How to automate : I think the best is to add a… Read More

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my amiga corner

Hits: 386Welcome to my wonderfull Amiga Corner. So, let’s have a look : More photos on my icaros there : my icaros box More photos on my emulated A4000 + tuto there : my emulated amiga 4000 More photos… Read More

icaros desktop – Janus-uae coherency guide

Hits: 474This applies to all version of Icaros starting from 1.5.2 What is coherency ? Cohenrency is a mode that exists only in Janus-UAE. It allows opening UAE windows directly on the top of Wanderer, as if they… Read More