emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – networking and internet settings

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How to set Amiga OS 4 network into fs-uae under linux

Fs-uae and device preparation

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First, you must add A2065 network card into fsuae.

Add A2065 to fs-uae config

Then download Ethernet.lha on aminet from your host.

Download Ethernet.lha from aminet

Amiga OS 4 Settings

Impossible to mount host folders as harddrives like with 68k emulation.

To transfer the files on my Amiga OS 4, i used an HDF mounted into my Amiga OS 3, in which i copied the lha archives i downloaded before. This done, I mounted the HDF into my Amiga OS 4. Not very funny…

Extracting lha archive to Devs/Networks

copy ethernet.device in DEVS/Networks

Launching the Internet Wizard. Choose “automatic”.

Internet Wizard

Does not work, we don’t care.

Automatic configuration, then next
not working, not a problem, go on

You must type device name by hand « ethernet.device » in the field, and click “Test the configuration”.

type “ethernet.device” in the field

Normally, you should get the sucessfull message.

You can try the configuration and see that it works !

Stay in “dynamic IP”, fsuae is smart neough to act like a router.

You keep “dynamic IP”

Save the configuration, with default values.

keep the default name

Then it is. On the photo it says the config alreay exists, but it works anyway.

that’s it

Tadaaaaa !

wonderfull, it works tadaaaa !

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