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making your HxC slim floppy emulator work with your Amiga 1200 ESCOM

Hits: 369The problem : When I received my HxC slim floppy drive emulator, I was very excited. My original floppy drive was 15 years old, and was not working properly, making a lot of noise, and killed 2 of my floppies. When I plug it into my amiga and switch it on, nothing seems to…
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TOSEC Project

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some photos of my Flash disk as HD Drive & HxC Slim FD Drive emulator

Hits: 51Hi folks, This time just some photos, that could help you to get your Flash Disk and your HxC drive emulator work in your A1200. -First attempt : i’ve connected the Flash drive in the wrong orientation -> don’t work ! 🙂 -Second attempt : after returning the flash drive cable, it worked perfectly.…
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the amiga demo scene

Hits: 68The Scene : Historically, the scene was born with the C64 computer. It was a group of peoples, all around the globe, who were much more interested in exploring the capacities of their machines (and at the same times theirs !) than simply playing games. They wanted to know/show how much pixels could be…
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the Amiga OS Workbench

Hits: 56 Generalities : Every modern OS comes with a human understandable interface called a “Graphical User Interface”. The first idea of a GUI comes from the 60s and the reflexion about HMI (Human-Machine Interface). You use a GUI everyday, so maybe you don’t even think about it, but, if you think about the beginnings,…
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