A journey through Icaros (update from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5)

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Do you want to know all what Icaros can give you ?

Today is a journey trhough the last 2.2.5 version of Icaros, that was released on 2018.12.21, just for Christmas.

As always, it is the best version of this distribution.



Icaros is a distribution of AROS. AROS is a reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1, available on many different platforms.

Icaros is the x86 version that offers the best user experience, and the best stability.

It is also the most living distribution, that has the highest number of updates.

Why IcAROS ?

I have so many reasons.

First, I LOVE Amiga so much.

After, this is an open source OS, that is for me the best way to do computering (not the only one).

Finally, i think that an Amiga NG with so many capacities, developped by a so little number of peoples, capable to work on a so old hardware that is so less expensive, is a REAL MIRACLE.

Make an Icaros box :

This is the first step.

I won’t get into detials, it asks for personnal investment, but it is simple.

One must make a box with extension card that are compatible, to be able to have the best possible experience of Icaros.

The Hardware compatibility list is at this page : https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Aros/Platforms/x86_support

Personally, here is my hardware :

the eye of icaros

DELL Optiplex 755 (Pentium D socket 775)

  • 2Gb RAM DDR2 667MHz
  • carte réseau Intel 8169 chip
  • Nvidia quadro 380
  • carte son Creative Audigy II
  • 256GB disque dur SSD (mais utilisé en mode legacy…)

To know more about my Icaros box, and for some more photos : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/icaros-box/

First installation ?

Here is an article to install Icaros. It’s a bit old (it was for 1.5.2), but there are many interesting things to read there :


Post installation advices :

If this is your first install of icaros, you should read this article that have advices and parameters :


If you want to share with SMB on linux, here is my article :



The UPDATE itself

  That’s simple. You must go to this address, and dowload the update package. Ofcourse, this is for peoples who have a functional machine. The others must install from scratch, stuff I won’t speak about here.


download the update
record it where you want
Backuping first, while watching a demo. Personally, I really like Dopus 2 and Rink a Dink.

Then, as said in this video : http://vmwaros.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-to-update-icaros-desktop.html

You should launch : sys:Tools/LUPD and restart.

tutorial video

Update in progress

After the reboot, the update software asks for the method to use
so you choose “file”, and search for the zip file
The tool does its job, first step is devrunching
it tells you before writing down
An AROS DOS window tells you where the steps are
et ça y est, after a minute or 2

As you saw, it just worked alone by itself.

Tadaaaa !!!

after the reboot, we can see that the verion of the binaries are the one from November 2018

Settings and workarounds


Ofcourse, still little bugs et settings to do :

The SMB-HANDLER bug : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2016/11/25/troubleshooting-icaros-2-1-3/

and some other advices : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2016/11/28/icaros-installation-advices/


Little journey listening to some modules


Here we can see “SCOUT”, the system managing software, and WIMP the windows manager.

Some drawers in SYS:, Scout (task manager), WIMP (windows manager), and MikMod (very good mods player in text format)

Theming, DOPUS 5.91

In text mode, with the options of DOPUS 5.91, or in Icons mode, under Wanderer, with the possibility to apply themes (a lot are available!)


And ofcourse, this is my saviour, DOPUS 2 !

Our goo’old DOPUS 2 !

Emulation and « coherence » mode


Ofcourse, emulation is still possible, even with the “integration” option that allows to launch 68k softs as if it was AROS itself.

I wrote an article on this subject : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2016/12/07/janus-uae-tipstricks/

an old screenshot of the coherence mode. Wanderer and classic Workbench at the same time. AmigaAmp is emulated !
Desert Dream in janus



Ofcourse, we still can browse the web with OWB Oddyssey Web Browser

Some advices in this article : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2016/12/07/owb-odyssey-web-browser-tipstricks/

And how to speed it up : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2017/03/03/running-owb-from-the-ram-disk-to-improve-browsing-speed/

We are on facebook !

Google Drive et Dropbox

Access your cloud drives directly from the prefs (not tested yet, i’ll do a tutorial on that).

Clouds configuration interface


I’ve written an article on this when Amicloud was released, available for all Amiga OS like : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2017/03/08/amicloud-review-and-links/

Amicloud interface

SAMBA shares

I’ve written an article on it : https://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2014/04/18/icaros-share-over-the-network-between-aros-and-linux/

SMB settings



There are many. There i put Amichess, Doom and Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem

There is an impressive list of games ported to Icaros.




There afain, Icaros has a lot of productivity softwares. There I put FinalWriter and AROSPDF.

Aros PDF



Some demos for AROS only ! Isn’t it nice ?

Many pretty native demos for AROS



Many tools like ZuneView and ZunePaint, but also Aros Icon Editor, a new for Icaros 2.2.5, and AntiRyad, raytracing software.

iconedit, new of this v 2.2.5
ZunePaint, ok, i’m not a graphist !
ZuneView and its impressive number of tools and filters. There i feel better.

I’m speaking about ZuneView int this article :



Music and Vidz


Ofcourse, a distro needs its musical creation softwares. This is my saviour, I love Milkytracker, Protrekkr, Protracker 2,3D, Harmony Player. We also have Mplayer for videos.

Protracker 2.3D aros port
Harmonyplayer, very good multi formats player
Milkytracker playing songs of… wow, those are PseudoAxos songs pour XMAS ! http://aminet.net/mods/xm/Pseudaxos_Xmas_Pack.lha
Protrekkr, so powerfull protracker like

You want more ?


So, the complete software list is endless, so I prefer a little screenshot of the available drawers, it gives a sample.

And if you want more again, let’s try AROS Archives : http://archives.aros-exec.org/

so many apps, games, desing, demos, productivity, music, huuuuge I say !

Author: jess

for a long time amiga, aros & demos lover and musician (linux musician, drummer, modules in protracker and octamed, recording and mastering in ardour)